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Wedding Umbrellas


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Wedding Umbrellas

"Are you looking for an element of uniqueness and visual appeal to add to your appearance at your wedding? If so, wedding umbrellas are a lesser-thought of addition to the wedding attire that really can make a statement and provide the bride and/or her wedding party with that something that makes them stand out. We offer 46 wedding umbrellas that carry various patterns and accents, like hearts, ruffles and lace embroidery, as well as various colours from white to black to red. There are options in pink and yellow and even one in baby blue, allowing you to be sure your parasol or umbrella fits with your wedding dress and really gives you that pop that you need when you walk down the aisle. Some options, like the Fashion Lace Wedding Bride Umbrella, are shallow and give a certain silhouette to the anxious bride. Meanwhile, others like the Fashion Waterproof Wedding Umbrella are deeper and provide a different image for the bride as she enters a new chapter of her life. This umbrella also is waterproof, which makes it a wise choice if you are watching the weather and afraid that some raindrops may dampen the festivities, even if only slightly. Carrying an umbrella may seem constrictive, since you have the bouquet, but you can always consider the umbrella as an alternative to the bouquet and also keep it as a backup alternative in the event of rain."