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"The garter is an important part of the reception and a big part of the traditional preparation for the ceremony itself, as the bride traditionally has a garter that is either something borrowed or something new. This element is important to the bride's preparation and interaction with loved ones prior to the ceremony, just as it is important to the reception and her interaction with her new groom. The garters are a great choice for a connection with the reception attendees as well. One option is the Fashion Lace Flower Wedding Bridal Garters, which is lace, embellished with flowers and available in a traditional white. However, if the garter needs to be your something blue for a tradition in itself, consider the Chic Satin Bridal Bowknot Pearl Wedding Garters, which is light blue in colour and a perfect addition to your attire for your wedding day as fulfilment for your tradition. Yet another option is the Satin Wedding Blue Bowknot Bridal Garters, which is simple yet functional with a blue bow to cover tradition and a simple single band of satin to work effectively as a garter. Any of these, as well as the other options in our inventory, can be effective for your wedding attire, and all are available at reasonable prices."