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Capes for dresses could be necessary if you are wearing the outfit in cold night or using it to add details on your clothing. Capes can be a fashion of fun. Nowadays, capes are not only for your cover up. Stylish elements added on the capes can help you accessorize your dresses easily. No matter you are going to wear capes for warm or to be more fashionable, Stacees dress store has got all these for you. For casual wear, if you just want to find a cap to keep you warm, we have all kinds of capes made of different fabric for different weather and season. If you are going out in summer, it would be cool in mid night, so you can take our thin fabric capes such as chiffon capes and tulle capes, for the fall or winter season, there are also thick fabric capes, such as satin capes, wool capes and feather capes. Looking for capes just for fun? We have many stylish ones also, the floral capes help you to get a boho style, sparkle capes make you shine with the dress, and appliqued capes will make your clothing do not look dull. And we have even more, please check out our dress store to help you beautify.